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Chairman Desk

Mr. Vinod Kumar Dutt, the Managing Director of Chanakya Dairy Products Ltd. commenced supplying processed milk in 1994 under the brand name of HF Super on the suggestion of his father, who was very particular about the quality of milk supplied to his house. From a very infancy stage of processing only 25,000 Litres per day, HF Super today has grown into a brand synonymous with purity, freshness and quality in northern India.

Over the years HF Super was able to deliver consistent quality by introducing unconventional procurement practices, e.g. removing the middleman and purchasing milk directly from the producers and introduced several other successful distribution operations. In 2005, after a span of 10 years the company touched its maximum processing capacity and had to set up a new facility with 10 times the handling capacity of milk. It has been the result of persistent efforts and special stress on quality of Raw Material and Finished Milk Products that the consumers have instilled remarkable confidence in the quality, thus the demand has reached beyond its operational capacity.

In recent years, HF super has introduced a line of bakery products with the unchallengeable goal of providing fresh and quality products to its consumers. Similar to Dairy, the Bakery unit is also on the path of achieving its maximum capacity owing to enriched ingredients and state of the art automatic machinery with nearly untouched production of bread and bakery products. In Future, HF Super plans to keep introducing high quality products and maintaining its commitment to consumers.

A highly sophisticated Quality Control Lab. exists. The Company has. B.I.S. Certification, for ISI Marking on Milk Powder and is duly approved by Export Council of India (ECI) and granted Q-mark certification, for exports. Both Dairy & Bakery Units possess Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification and are ISO-22000-2005 certified companies for Food Safety Management System. The environmental audit is also conducted.