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When Mr. Vinod Kumar Dutt made the decision in 1994, to start a dairy plant after realizing that the quality of milk and supply of milk was very irregular in the region. it was not a marketing decision but a passionate one.

“Let us only focus on providing high quality Milk to every single consumer in the market.” – Mr. Vinod Kumar Dutt (Chairman & Managing Director)

This became the founding philosophy of HF Super brand, which is a name to reckon with high quality dairy products across North India. Mr. Dutt’s philosophy continues to guide the business today. Thus, Chanakya Dairy maintains the highest level of quality in milk and milk products. It was a vision that instead of pushing local milk suppliers to the formal dairy market, the formal dairy market should be brought to milk farmers in the rural areas, thus encouraging and developing an ecosystem where the setup contributes to an inclusive growth rather than focusing on the growth of only one entity. With a motto of focusing on quality rather than rapid growth or profits, Chanakya Dairy has established itself as a key player in the region, the products of which have become a standard for quality in the Dairy Industry in Northern India.

The company has focused on empowering Village Level Collection Centres by removing the middlemen thus ensuring high quality of milk being procured. It benefits both farmers & consumers as the right price is paid to the farmer and the consumer gets value for money as high quality product is delivered. Developing a supply chain system is equally critical as is procurement network from the perspective of inclusive growth. Milk Farmers, Suppliers, Chilling Centres which joined with Chanakya Dairy along with Salesmen, logistic providers & dealers today enjoy a strong hold on their respective areas which is essential for a high quality product to penetrate the market

A Healthy Dairy Diet is an essential part of a Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthy Family. At Chanakya Dairy, we ensure that your family gets the Best Dairy Products.