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Processing Facilities

We have installed plant and machinery to process and pack upto 2,00,000 liters of Pasteurized milk in pouches everyday. Besides, Marketing the Milk, the Plant has all the necessary machinery for manufacturing & packing of Butter, Ghee, Milk Powder, Paneer, Dahi, Lassi, Flavoured Milk etc within the remaining handling capacity of 300,000 litres of milk. Recently, with addition of another 15 ton powder plant to the company’s growing infrastructure, the plant’s capacity of producing milk powder went up to 30 tons. Latest processing equipment of high-tech automation with online recording facilities are contributing to the desired Quality and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Standards of the company & Good hygiene Practices (GMP) standard of the unit. Validation of all the process controls is regularly reviewed by the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Team.

Over the years, Chanakya Dairy has invested heavily in Technology & Testing, keeping its infrastructure up to date for maintaining the best quality of its products. We have state of the art machinery automating the processing of milk with computerized reporting, eliminating the need for manual intervention. We’ve always been the first one in the market to adapt to the ever changing technology.